GTA V release date pc xbox one ps4

GTA 5 release date on the PC / Xbox One / PS4 officially named

Rockstar Website finally announced the official release date – November 18 for the nextgen console Xbox One and PS4, and the PC version of the game, we do not see until 27 January of the next year.

GTA V release date pc xbox one ps4

But do not worry, because the developer promises that renewed GTA V for the next generation of consoles will have major changes, which will make the city of Los Santos and the Blaine County even more exciting your imagination than ever.

R* will increase the resolution of the game, distance drawing increased, as well as a whole bunch of new additions and improvements, which will include:

  • Addition in the wild;
  • New vehicles, weapons and classes;
  • Enhanced damage and weather conditions;
  • The new system of gardening;
  • To all this Rockstar have prepared 100 new songs for 17 radiostations;
  • More dense traffic, and much more;

Screenshots of the new GTA 5




How to make a pre-order and bonuses

All players who pre-order the game get 500,000 GTA $ for GTA Online and 500,000 for story mode.

Also, like last time, you will find a lot of exclusive DLC: rare version of the classic transport, the new Atomic Blimp version, new weapons and much more. At the moment, you can make pre-order from Rockstar Website.

Changes in the GTA Online

On the new version of the game you will be able to fight with a lot of players – Online increase player limit to 30 players on the PS4 and Xbox One. All existing content and tasks created in Rockstar since the launch of GTA Online will also be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Existing accounts of players can be moved to new console or a PC.

The new trailer for the game:

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