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dead island 2

Dead Island 2 release date moved to 2016

dead island 2

Developers of zombie action game Dead Island 2 announced that the release date of the game moved to the next year, while the originally planned release in the spring of 2015. According to the team Dead Island 2, they wanted to create a sequel, which will raise the Dead Island to the next level. The game will include a variety of different characters and a collective game, and it must add a “huge” amount of content and combat capabilities.

The developers decided that have not yet reached the goal that set themselves, so it decided to move out Dead Island 2 to 2016. The project team has also promised in the later stages of development to share with fans all new information.

Dead Island will be released in two versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PC.

Dying Light

Dying Light Game Review and Gameplay

Zombie, zombie, zombie. Why is not the taboo on the zombies? Every year developers make more and more games about “walking”. Games about zombies left behind a trail, the same characteristic dead. Poles not known for the originality of their projects (Dead Island, Call of Juarez), so why reinvent the wheel when the easier to go on the thumb, making regular zombies, return to 2011.

Dying Light

Harran – a fictional eastern city – fell victim to a dangerous virus. Symptoms include inhibited brain activity and changes in diet. Government cunning: it decided to cordon off the living area, leaving adequate, in some degree, people alone with “walking”. Of course, in the eyes of the public authorities should look like the good people, so, they deliver essentials things to exclusion zone from time to time. However, one day, instead of food and medicines to the city gets a special agent Kyle Crane. Why? Do a little of that, a little bit – it. In general, a typical scenario: get the secret files, save the survivors, to put in place a villain.

Dying Light = Dead Island? Yes and no. As the basis, of course, Techland took his previous creation, diluting its parkour. If we forget about DI, then the DL may seem like something new, but scientists have not yet invented the tablet with the effect of amnesia. Nevertheless, the blame if there scientists? Not at all, because no one forced the writers to copy themselves. Along the way, with the “history repeats itself” we still slip job a la “go there, bring it here”. Is it cool? Possible.


What Poles fellows? We were pleased with the system around the city. If you want to survive, you become a tracer. Dying Light, forgive me, Mirror’s Edge, pleases best current implementation of parkour. One gets the feeling that you become the protagonist of the movie “Yamakasi”, that is just not necessary to hide from the “Pharaohs”, and the zombies. Although, there is something in common, but do not talk about it.

In addition, to the next-gen graphics Dying Light excellent system change the time of day. Afternoon in Haran all is quiet, while at night you become easy prey to the zombies. The only hope would be a safe zone, but they have yet reached. However, if you decide to go out to hunt at night, then your work will not be in vain: at night, Crane gets double experience.


Is the game and cooperative. Is it for a thoughtful passage? I doubt it. Whether, will it allow you and your friends to carry out fine evening? Certainly. You can, of course, to find a company snobs who are the most about learning everything, but much more interesting to go hunting with his friends and show zombies “who’s boss”.


Techland – well done, but the presence of zombies spawn is beyond comprehension. Nevertheless, the point in the main character. If he is a special agent, then how can a constant shortness of breath and fatigue?

Dying Light – good game, it is hard to argue. It is difficult to argue that it lacks the bad elements. If you are still not tired of zombies – play. If you missed at the time Dead Island – play. If you are looking for how to have fun with friends in co-op – play.