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Heroes of Might & Magic III HD

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD for iOS and Android review

“Experience or gold?” – Asks politely game and finger invariably drawn to the right icon. As if it was not the sixteen years – the gift that then had to look in the pot-bellied CRT monitor, and now hold in their hands the device smaller in size than the average keyboard. The public, however, was in no hurry positives about the release of the updated “Heroes”. How to justify the claims of players – in this review.

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD

How to play?

Port Heroes of Might & Magic III (with a proud subtitled HD Edition) on mobile platforms – probably the best thing that could have happened at all in remaster, remakes and other reissues. Turn-based strategy, in the late 90’s magically swallowed absolutely all categories of the population in the post-Soviet space – this national unity around a single game was neither before nor after (ok, maybe except for stories with STALKER). Even now, on laptops respected old people can find Heroes 3.5 – than not a sign of a perfect game?


Port, frankly, slightly tarnished halo immaculate original. The first complaint can be read on any forum, or in a branch comments: No generator of random maps, Hot-Seat only three people, 10$ per application, and even DLC (made long before this came up word) are not included.

We would add: mobile “hero” great difficulties with management. Many complain in battle arrows hit double tap – uncomfortable, they say. Uncomfortable, yes. But compared to what perverse methods here it is necessary to turn the card, all questions about the battles fly off immediately. More difficult and display information, such as the army of the enemy – almost certainly do something wrong, and your hero with his sword at the ready to storm ever run guys, where you tried to get info. And if there seven dragons on the benches, and a squadron of phoenixes in the wings? In general, while Heroes III frankly flawed. There are several non-critical but annoying flaws that would soon be corrected.

Others – do not pass by. There’s even enough to explain something. This “Heroes 3” those same on the mobile screen. It is, in spite of the previous paragraph, playable. Do you really anything else need to know?



Standard for reprints list: pulled resolution, redrawn texture, somewhere tweaked animation. Looks, of course, a “retro” style, but very decent – like this now felt religious militants’ 80s. As a result, the picture does not hurt the eyes, and the more foolish to demand from the works of sixteen years ago.



Let’s be honest: Heroes of Might & Magic III – far from ideal reissue. There are flaws, there is a problem in quantities. But, firstly, it’s foolish nonsense and small little things that can not and should not poison the pleasure game. And secondly, many gamers are somehow waiting for a miracle. To us, in general, no one promised.

But looking back on the “Heroes”. Is there something better than thrilled at the heart of the native-click on the icon to start worrying and blushing, the first available card – and the first to take the same swoop glittering chest to the game you will be asked: “Experience or gold?” And the hand, of course, will be pulled to the right icon.



  • ne of the best, the greatest and most important games in history – now available on your tablet!


  • Sometimes crooked management;
  • not really HD Edition, especially for the money;
  • “Armageddon’s Blade” and “Shadow of Death”, obviously, will be sold separately – at the price of an average game on Steam.
Resident Evil HD

Resident Evil HD Remaster Quick review

Return to the origins of the famous series, which is unlikely to please someone other than loyal fans.

WHAT HAPPENS: In this classic game Capcom special squad S.T.A.R.S. investigates the disappearance of his comrades in a mountainous area near the town of Raccoon City. After the attack dog’s mutant fighters locked in a mysterious mansion, battling zombies, reveal the secrets of a sinister corporation and for years to come from the players an idea of what should be an interactive horror.

HOW MUCH: $19.99 USD on Steam

Resident Evil HD Remaster: Make on rotten

Resident Evil HD

Those who are “classic” Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield not like skins can choose from more recent Resident Evil. Although we do not really imagine how you can voluntarily give up this cute beret.

What’s good: Classic gameplay, improved graphics, and (even more importantly) the management, the ability to back (or last) experience what fans have experienced the first Resident Evil in 1996.

What is bad: In these times the first part of the series seems too old-fashioned and clunky, and most importantly – absolutely not terrible. Famous zombies and mutants rather laugh and control, even after the reform, annoying.

What is the result: Not a bad game for those who enjoy the history of the industry, or wants to remember the past. Mossy stuff for everyone else.