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Hitman Episode 5 Colorado release date

Hitman 2016 Episode Five: Colorado release date revealed

Hitman Episode 5 Colorado release date

The company IO Interactive has named a release date for the continuation of the Hitman 2016 named «Episode Five: Colorado». The next head of the game about the contract killer will be available on September 27. The authors of the series promises that the passage is one of the most complex and important in terms of plot.

The episode includes the mission of «Freedom Fighters» in the America, state of Colorado, in which Agent 47 will eliminate four goals in a private military training camp for mercenaries, located on a former farm.

Hitman 2016 gameplay:

Hitman 2016 released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in March 2016. On the day of the start of game sales, starter kit with «Prologue», «The Paris show Sengvin», modes «Contracts» and «Aggravation» became available to the players. Then in April came «Episode two: Sapienza», in May – «Episode Three: Marrakech», and in August – «Episode Four: Bangkok». According to the developers plan for 2016 for the game will come out additional materials in the six editions of the missions in Italy, Marrakech, Thailand, USA and Japan.