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Pokemon GO: fastest way to level up

Pokemon GO: the fastest way to level up

Now we’ll talk about a strategy that will help you raise your level in Pokemon GO as soon as possible and get the rarest pokemon.

Pokemon GO: fastest way to level up

In Pokemon GO you play as a Pokemon Trainer who raises his level as he gets more experience (XP). The higher the Trainer’s level is, the rarer pokemon become visible on the map and the rarer bonuses fall out of Pokestops.

Turns out that in order to progress fast you need to get as much experience in a unit of time as possible. What’s the way to do it? What actions are awarded a lot of XP? You’ll find the answers in this list:

500 XP – a capture of a new pokemon
500 XP – evolution of a pokemon
200 XP – hatching a pokemon
150 XP – a pokemon’s victory in gym
100 XP – a capture of a pokemon
100 XP – an excellent throw
100 XP – a battle with a Pokemon Trainer in gym
50 XP – a pokemon’s defeat in gym
50 XP – checking a Pokestop
50 XP – a great throw
10 XP – a nice throw
10 XP – a curveball

If you look through this information briefly, you might think that the chances are very slim. Simple actions cost few points, more difficult ones that require a lot of time cost more. However, if you think about it again, there turns out to be one pretty good chance.


Yeah, if your pokemon evolves, you receive a lot of experience, and the whole thing only takes a couple of seconds. However, a monster’s evolution is impossible without enough Candy. Don’t worry, Candy’s not too challenging to get, if you follow this strategy:

Find a place with a few Pokestops located close to each other on the map.
Set up a Lure Module for pokemon. It will attract monsters for half an hour.
Use Incense. It will make pokemon go straight towards you.
Move between these Pokestops and catch all the pokemon you see. You should catch them all without exception because weak monsters are even better for our plan.

This way you can create a little private field that will produce a fantastic number of pokemon for you to catch for half an hour. Some players say that the number of attracted pokemon is so large that you hardly have time pick them all up.

As I have already mentioned above, in order to boost the Trainer with the help of Pokemon Evolution you’ll need the weakest and the most common monsters. Their evolution costs the same number of XP but far less Candy is needed.

Found any inaccuracies in the article? Is there anything you can add? Or maybe you have invented your own way of winning in Pokemon GO? Welcome to the comments!