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Shadowmatic for Ipad review

Of rare beauty and exciting game about how to twirl the wall weird gizmos and enjoy it available on iOS.


In the light of a flashlight – bizarre figure, one or more. On the wall behind it – no less bizarre shadow. The task – to turn the pieces so that the shadows turned out, for example, the silhouette of a teapot. Or an elephant. Or the number “5”. Actually, this exhausts the essence of the game Shadowmatic, but not limited to the game itself: inside – stylish graphics, nice soft music and dozens of mysteries, from which the brain gets up on its hind legs.

How much: only $2.99 in the AppStore

Shadowmatic: the play of light and shadow

Few people know, but on the PS3 has left the game with exactly the same concept. However, for a game Echochrome 2 required controller PS Move, so that wasn’t so popular.

What’s good: Handmade and attention to detail is felt in each pixel of the game, from the animated menu to lovingly traced sets: each set of levels in Shadowmatic – its visual theme.

What is bad: If you have not so good with the imagination and perspective, the game can seriously enrage. Or ruin: glasses, for which you can buy hints are given for passing a level, but you can buy them for real money. In the world of Shadowmatic stupid pays twice.

Result: Puzzle elementary rules, challenging content and unparalleled welcoming atmosphere. You can take her child to brighten up leisure grandmother or go with the head alone.

Zeptolab new games

Cut the Rope authors is working on two new games

ZeptoLab released in Australia and New Zealand two games – Survivor Squad (pictured) and Slide Fight.

Zeptolab new games

The first – the top view shooter in which three players working together, trying to escape from the hordes of zombies (a kind of analogue mobile Left 4 Dead). Slide Fight – arcade game in which players compete with each other, releasing the arena predefined characters.

Release Dates of games in Europe is not yet known. In Australia and New Zealand the game went under the authorship Dmitry Momzikov, but journalists TouchArcade argue that ZeptoLab uses this name to launch new projects.