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How to use Poke Radar and find rare Pokemon

How to use Poke Radar and find rare Pokemon

Surely, you want to know where the most rare pokemon hide in Pokemon GO. All players want to know that. What will help you is a special map that indicates pokemon locations all over the world.

How to use Poke Radar and find rare Pokemon

Poke Radar is an online map and a mobile app for iOS that will help you locate pokemons’ hiding places. If you’re tired of coming across the same monsters and if you want to add some rare specimens to your collection, then Poke Radar is exactly what you’re looking for.

pokeradar map

The map of pokemon locations is being created by the players themselves and indicates the spots where they managed to find the most rare monsters. You can filter the results in the dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner. It means that Poke Radar allows you to hunt those pokemon that you actually need.

Certainly, the app doesn’t guarantee people won’t use it to deliberately post false information. However, these fakes are very easy to trace. Just click on the spot needed and look at the tooltip that contains additional information. You’ll see the player who has added this spot and its current rating according to other player’s votes. The higher the rating is, the more likely you are to find a rare pokemon on that spot.
The Poke Radar app for iOS functions in the same manner and you can use it outdoors while playing. Developers promise to release the Android version of the app soon.

Note that due to Poke Radar’s enormous popularity (Poke Radar became second in App Store’s top free apps in a few days’ notice) the developers’ servers are overloaded and they have a hard time handling all the requests fast. So be patient and just try again.

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