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Battlefield Hardline Story mode gameplay

Battlefield Hardline wants interest not only multiplayer with new modes, but single campaign, on which work hard developers from Visceral Games.


In a new video about the single player talk about the fact that the game will be 10 episodes and the campaign itself is like a police drama, which is now possible to participate.

Show elements of acting, actors from work experience, gameplay footage.

Battlefield Hardline released March 17 on PC and console.

Dying Light

Dying Light Game Review and Gameplay

Zombie, zombie, zombie. Why is not the taboo on the zombies? Every year developers make more and more games about “walking”. Games about zombies left behind a trail, the same characteristic dead. Poles not known for the originality of their projects (Dead Island, Call of Juarez), so why reinvent the wheel when the easier to go on the thumb, making regular zombies, return to 2011.

Dying Light

Harran – a fictional eastern city – fell victim to a dangerous virus. Symptoms include inhibited brain activity and changes in diet. Government cunning: it decided to cordon off the living area, leaving adequate, in some degree, people alone with “walking”. Of course, in the eyes of the public authorities should look like the good people, so, they deliver essentials things to exclusion zone from time to time. However, one day, instead of food and medicines to the city gets a special agent Kyle Crane. Why? Do a little of that, a little bit – it. In general, a typical scenario: get the secret files, save the survivors, to put in place a villain.

Dying Light = Dead Island? Yes and no. As the basis, of course, Techland took his previous creation, diluting its parkour. If we forget about DI, then the DL may seem like something new, but scientists have not yet invented the tablet with the effect of amnesia. Nevertheless, the blame if there scientists? Not at all, because no one forced the writers to copy themselves. Along the way, with the “history repeats itself” we still slip job a la “go there, bring it here”. Is it cool? Possible.


What Poles fellows? We were pleased with the system around the city. If you want to survive, you become a tracer. Dying Light, forgive me, Mirror’s Edge, pleases best current implementation of parkour. One gets the feeling that you become the protagonist of the movie “Yamakasi”, that is just not necessary to hide from the “Pharaohs”, and the zombies. Although, there is something in common, but do not talk about it.

In addition, to the next-gen graphics Dying Light excellent system change the time of day. Afternoon in Haran all is quiet, while at night you become easy prey to the zombies. The only hope would be a safe zone, but they have yet reached. However, if you decide to go out to hunt at night, then your work will not be in vain: at night, Crane gets double experience.


Is the game and cooperative. Is it for a thoughtful passage? I doubt it. Whether, will it allow you and your friends to carry out fine evening? Certainly. You can, of course, to find a company snobs who are the most about learning everything, but much more interesting to go hunting with his friends and show zombies “who’s boss”.


Techland – well done, but the presence of zombies spawn is beyond comprehension. Nevertheless, the point in the main character. If he is a special agent, then how can a constant shortness of breath and fatigue?

Dying Light – good game, it is hard to argue. It is difficult to argue that it lacks the bad elements. If you are still not tired of zombies – play. If you missed at the time Dead Island – play. If you are looking for how to have fun with friends in co-op – play.

Grey Goo game extended review

Grey Goo review

Grey Goo – it is a hypothetical scenario of synthetic end of the world – self-replicating Nan robots due to a fault or mutation out of control and process an entire planet. The creator of the term Eric Drexler explained it like this: “Despite the fact that the masses of uncontrolled replicators need not be either gray or goo, the term “gray goo” emphasizes that replicators able to obliterate life may not be as inspiring as the only kind of burdock. They may be “superior” in an evolutionary sense, but it does not necessarily make them valuable”.


Grey Goo game from Petroglyph Studios vividly reminded me of this statement. Not in the sense, of course, that this real-time strategy has some evolutionary superiority – on the contrary, it looks strange and unwieldy artifact of another era, a kind of dinosaur, suddenly materialized in the middle of the post-industrial landscape. It was more about: “Not as inspiring as the only kind of noodle” – alas, but we must admit that playing Grey Goo, a man a little enthusiastic and knowledgeable RTS genre, not much more interesting than watching as burdock grows.

The fact that this strategy offers a completely new gameplay that does not have any sort of benefits and outstanding features that would be isolated it from other games of the genre. Grey Goo describe communication with the player, you can: Here is an easy unit, he shoots, this is the tank, he keeps hitting and shoots a bit harder, that’s gun mounts, it shoots far and hurt, here is the installation of air defense, it will protect others from attacks air. Now, dear player, show me how you are able to collect these types of vehicles in a tremendous crowd and send the enemy.

Anything original, dammit! Honestly, it is impossible for even count how many times have we seen such variations on the theme of C & C. The fact that this is done at a time when such an issue now as it is not accepted, and even from people who formerly Samuel did a series of C & C (the backbone of the studio Petroglyph at its base is people from Westwood), and do not get tired us to be reminded – the situation does not change. Who cares to achievements, if ten years ago, when the former Soviet Union blossomed own how-to industry strategies that level right here annually produce beam.


Play Grey Goo as interesting as in his time in some sort of “Ancient Wars: Sparta,” “Alexander: Age of Heroes” or there Maelstrom. The level of play is about the same, and it is doubly disappointing, because all seven years ago Petroglyph released Universe at War: Earth Assault – strategy is not ideal, but interesting in the first place due to its uniqueness and identity. Alas, the failure MMORTS End of Nations seems crippled this company…

The scale of the failure becomes especially clear when you try to play a Grey Goo network. Already, it is practically impossible. The lobby is always empty. Search rank games, which took more than ten minutes? Yes, easily! Moreover, there is no guarantee that anything will be found. My personal record standby – 45 minutes on a Friday night … … two weeks after the release of the game … And this is not the limit – after 46 minutes I just disabled the further search.


If something is not clear, and with the Grey Goo, so it is surprising reaction to her loyal gaming press. It is solid “eight” and resume ala: «Grey Goo not disgrace the honor of the glorious series of C & C» – interested me in this game and made it possible to buy it. Alas, it remains only to ascertain amazing superficiality fellow journalists. Write this can be a game of Grey Goo four hours of commercials. As many almost got the game, she is able briefly hide their huge flaws, charming Player abundance of minor details. A little later, all mediocrity and banality game material becomes clear … – but, apparently, few critics have lasted until this very plays in close “later”.

Well, apparently these issues better to trust the players … and always empty network game lobby, not so long ago figured prominently in the bestseller, speak for themselves.

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD for iOS and Android review

“Experience or gold?” – Asks politely game and finger invariably drawn to the right icon. As if it was not the sixteen years – the gift that then had to look in the pot-bellied CRT monitor, and now hold in their hands the device smaller in size than the average keyboard. The public, however, was in no hurry positives about the release of the updated “Heroes”. How to justify the claims of players – in this review.

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD

How to play?

Port Heroes of Might & Magic III (with a proud subtitled HD Edition) on mobile platforms – probably the best thing that could have happened at all in remaster, remakes and other reissues. Turn-based strategy, in the late 90’s magically swallowed absolutely all categories of the population in the post-Soviet space – this national unity around a single game was neither before nor after (ok, maybe except for stories with STALKER). Even now, on laptops respected old people can find Heroes 3.5 – than not a sign of a perfect game?


Port, frankly, slightly tarnished halo immaculate original. The first complaint can be read on any forum, or in a branch comments: No generator of random maps, Hot-Seat only three people, 10$ per application, and even DLC (made long before this came up word) are not included.

We would add: mobile “hero” great difficulties with management. Many complain in battle arrows hit double tap – uncomfortable, they say. Uncomfortable, yes. But compared to what perverse methods here it is necessary to turn the card, all questions about the battles fly off immediately. More difficult and display information, such as the army of the enemy – almost certainly do something wrong, and your hero with his sword at the ready to storm ever run guys, where you tried to get info. And if there seven dragons on the benches, and a squadron of phoenixes in the wings? In general, while Heroes III frankly flawed. There are several non-critical but annoying flaws that would soon be corrected.

Others – do not pass by. There’s even enough to explain something. This “Heroes 3” those same on the mobile screen. It is, in spite of the previous paragraph, playable. Do you really anything else need to know?



Standard for reprints list: pulled resolution, redrawn texture, somewhere tweaked animation. Looks, of course, a “retro” style, but very decent – like this now felt religious militants’ 80s. As a result, the picture does not hurt the eyes, and the more foolish to demand from the works of sixteen years ago.



Let’s be honest: Heroes of Might & Magic III – far from ideal reissue. There are flaws, there is a problem in quantities. But, firstly, it’s foolish nonsense and small little things that can not and should not poison the pleasure game. And secondly, many gamers are somehow waiting for a miracle. To us, in general, no one promised.

But looking back on the “Heroes”. Is there something better than thrilled at the heart of the native-click on the icon to start worrying and blushing, the first available card – and the first to take the same swoop glittering chest to the game you will be asked: “Experience or gold?” And the hand, of course, will be pulled to the right icon.



  • ne of the best, the greatest and most important games in history – now available on your tablet!


  • Sometimes crooked management;
  • not really HD Edition, especially for the money;
  • “Armageddon’s Blade” and “Shadow of Death”, obviously, will be sold separately – at the price of an average game on Steam.

Bloodborne First 19 Minutes Gameplay

IGN site presented a new trailer action role Bloodborne, in which attention mainly paid to architecture.

In early February, appeared with the first video Bloodborne 19 minutes.


Bloodborne – action role-playing for the PS4 studio “From Software”, which is known for the games Armored Core, Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. With the development of the Japanese unit helps Sony Computer Entertainment. Bloodborne action unfolds in Yarnam where pilgrims wander in search of a cure for their ailments. The main character – one of these strangers. Finding himself on the spot, he found that most of the inhabitants turned into monsters. Game planned to release February 6, 2015, but the release date moved to March 25, 2015.

Battlefield: Hardline review and gameplay

The new part of the Battlefield – without tanks and ships, but with the police and bandits.

battlefield hardline

Less than two months before the release of Battlefield: Hardline developers decided to make a final open testing multiplayer. In fact, we have shown almost finished the game – we can draw first conclusions about how that turns out at Visceral Games.

Gameplay Battlefield: Hardline

The game is scheduled seven modes are now available three – Heist, Conquest and Hotwire. Heist we have seen during the summer testing and concluded that it is analog Rush from the previous parts of the series. The bout divided into several stages. First team robbers, blowing the doors and passageways by doing in the walls, trying to get to the bank, which protects police detachment. If the bandits manage to break through the defense, they should grab a bag of money and drag it to the point of evacuation. The game allows several ways to waste – the bandits may try to leave the roof or break in one of the avenues.

Battlefield: Hardline modes

Although in general Heist mode looks the same as during the summer testing visible and some differences. For example, if a map that shows the last time, cars were available, but now they do not – the team revived a few steps away from the bank and immediately rush into battle. In general, mode looks detail maps at a height – Each building a bunch of rooms, detours, convenient places for ambushes and positions for snipers.


Conquest Mode – the next version of the classics alive Domination. The action takes place outside the city, in the wilderness, where teams fight for a few control points. There is space technology, but it is still not as cool as in Battlefield 4 – several kinds of cars, motorcycles and helicopters, and a recent feature heavy weapons. It leaves its mark: in Battlefield 4 by the end of the match on any map almost no whole buildings, the building Hardline long time remain safe shelter. In addition, the work shows a map weather effects – sometimes start a sandstorm, which significantly impair vision.

Finally, Hotwire – a fun mode for those who are tired of serious cases and want to have fun. He is something similar to the Conquest, but instead hold points needed to capture sports cars, scattered all over the map. The longer the player will be able to protect the car, the more points you bring your team.


Other features of note beta “mode hacker” – the development of “Commander Mode” from the Battlefield 4. One of the players on the team can change the “Kalashnikov” to combat laptop and watching what is happening with the bird’s-eye view, helping his team to a variety of ways – by appointment purposes (which, of course, ignore all) to break surveillance cameras, “revealing” the enemy’s position. However, this mode is useful only for serious clan battles, where the important maximum coordination between the groups – in the usual battle most players bored after about five minutes, so they throw the commander’s office and join a total dump.


Battlefield: Hardline still looks a game for those who like the series in all but the technology. It is quite a bit, so shootout become much more cheerful than in the previous parts. And in the release, in addition to entertainment for mere mortals, promise to include just two cyber mode by which developers want to compete with the Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Battlefield: Hardline release date 17 march 2015.

Resident Evil HD

Resident Evil HD Remaster Quick review

Return to the origins of the famous series, which is unlikely to please someone other than loyal fans.

WHAT HAPPENS: In this classic game Capcom special squad S.T.A.R.S. investigates the disappearance of his comrades in a mountainous area near the town of Raccoon City. After the attack dog’s mutant fighters locked in a mysterious mansion, battling zombies, reveal the secrets of a sinister corporation and for years to come from the players an idea of what should be an interactive horror.

HOW MUCH: $19.99 USD on Steam

Resident Evil HD Remaster: Make on rotten

Resident Evil HD

Those who are “classic” Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield not like skins can choose from more recent Resident Evil. Although we do not really imagine how you can voluntarily give up this cute beret.

What’s good: Classic gameplay, improved graphics, and (even more importantly) the management, the ability to back (or last) experience what fans have experienced the first Resident Evil in 1996.

What is bad: In these times the first part of the series seems too old-fashioned and clunky, and most importantly – absolutely not terrible. Famous zombies and mutants rather laugh and control, even after the reform, annoying.

What is the result: Not a bad game for those who enjoy the history of the industry, or wants to remember the past. Mossy stuff for everyone else.