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Pokemon GO: Tips and Tricks

Pokemon GO: Tips and Tricks

This article will help you to find out about Pokemon GO’s tricks and secrets, the knowledge of which is essential for anyone hunting pocket monsters.

Pokemon GO: Tips and Tricks

If you think that Pokemon GO is just a pointless quest with monsters and special effects, you are quite wrong. In fact the game has a quite elaborate and well thought-out gameplay seasoned with Easter eggs, tricks and unexpected surprises. Here’s what we’ve learned for the time being.

Finding and capturing pokemon

  • Rustling green leaves mean that pokemon are hiding somewhere nearby.
  • The bottom right-hand corner of the screen displays the pokemon that are hiding nearby. You can calculate the approximate distance between you and a pokemon judging by the number of footprints next to the pokemon’s icon. Experience has shown that one footprint equals approximately 40 metres.
  • Find and catch pokemons

  • The colour and size of the circle around the monster on the capture screen matters. The smaller it is, the better your throw will be. Green colour means easy game, yellow means you have some work to do and red colour marks the pokemon that are almost impossible to catch.
  • If you’ve missed but your Pokeball hasn’t disappeared from the screen, tap on it fast. This way you can have a second try and save the discs.
  • You can throw curveballs. In order to do it press on the Pokeball and move your finger around a couple of times before actually throwing the ball. A curveball will bring you extra points.
  • The higher your level is, the rarer and stronger pokemon will come your way.
  • Pokemon act differently depending on the time of day. If you take a walk in the evening, you might happen to catch rare night monsters.
  • Even if you’ve caught a lot of monsters of the same kind, don’t stop doing it. You get Experience, Candy and Stardust for that. Spare pokemon can always be given to the Professor for a reward.

Gyms and Pokestops

  • In order to join a faction and get into a gym you need to reach at least level 5.
  • Your choice of faction doesn’t really matter. Anyhow, no functional differences have been revealed between factions for the time being.
  • Empty gyms are marked with grey colour. You can take any of them and leave one of your pokemon there. But only one pokemon!
  • Battles in your faction’s gym boost your pokemon and raise the prestige level of the gym. Battles in other faction’s gyms lowers the prestige level. When it is close to zero, the faction will lose control of the gym and you’ll be able to take over.
  • You get bonuses from every gym where you’ve left your pokemon. The bonuses are 500 Stardust points and 10 coins per day.
  • Pokestops recharge every 5 minutes.
  • You don’t have to tap on each prize to pick it up from a Pokestop. Just close this screen and the bonuses will be automatically stored in your inventory.


  • You can use several different techniques in battles. A quick tap on the enemy causes a quick attack. A long tap allows you to strike a super blow. A swipe to the left or to the right is a way of avoiding attacks.
  • Your pokemon can’t be destroyed in a battle that takes place in your faction’s gym. And if you win, you get Experience points.
  • A defeat in another faction’s gym destroys your monsters. You can revive them and restore their powers only with the help of special tools from your backpack – Potion and Revive.


  • Eggs sometimes fall out of Pokestops. The monsters from a hatched egg are usually the rarest and strongest.
  • To hatch a pokemon you need to put an egg in the Egg Incubator (there is always one in your inventory). Then you have to walk the distance indicated near each egg.
  • Only walking on foot counts, so no bicycle or car. While walking you must keep the Pokemon GO app activated.

Tips for saving your traffic and battery

  • Pokemon GO uses Google Maps API to track your location and this gives us an opportunity to greatly reduce the use of mobile traffic. Just open the Google Maps app on your phone and save the map of your city to use it offline. Now Pokemon GO can load maps from cash, which will not only reduce the data transmission but also speed up the game.
  • Some users complain of the game’s draining the battery too fast. However, there’s nothing to be surprised about: Pokemon GO constantly keeps the screen on, tracks your location, transmits and receives data, uses camera and the phone’s sensors. In order to reduce energy consumption, activate Battery Saver in the game’s settings. Then your phone’s screen will be automatically switched off when you turn the phone over. You can also switch off the music right there in the settings as it also plays a role in draining the battery.
  • turn-pokemon-go

  • Besides, you might want to turn off the Augmented Reality (AR) to save the battery. You can do it while catching pokemon – there’ll be an indicator in the top right-hand corner. Well, it does make the playing process a little less fascinating but significantly reduces energy consumption.

And what interesting discoveries have you made while playing Pokemon GO? Share your experience in the comments!

Pokemon GO: fastest way to level up

Pokemon GO: the fastest way to level up

Now we’ll talk about a strategy that will help you raise your level in Pokemon GO as soon as possible and get the rarest pokemon.

Pokemon GO: fastest way to level up

In Pokemon GO you play as a Pokemon Trainer who raises his level as he gets more experience (XP). The higher the Trainer’s level is, the rarer pokemon become visible on the map and the rarer bonuses fall out of Pokestops.

Turns out that in order to progress fast you need to get as much experience in a unit of time as possible. What’s the way to do it? What actions are awarded a lot of XP? You’ll find the answers in this list:

500 XP – a capture of a new pokemon
500 XP – evolution of a pokemon
200 XP – hatching a pokemon
150 XP – a pokemon’s victory in gym
100 XP – a capture of a pokemon
100 XP – an excellent throw
100 XP – a battle with a Pokemon Trainer in gym
50 XP – a pokemon’s defeat in gym
50 XP – checking a Pokestop
50 XP – a great throw
10 XP – a nice throw
10 XP – a curveball

If you look through this information briefly, you might think that the chances are very slim. Simple actions cost few points, more difficult ones that require a lot of time cost more. However, if you think about it again, there turns out to be one pretty good chance.


Yeah, if your pokemon evolves, you receive a lot of experience, and the whole thing only takes a couple of seconds. However, a monster’s evolution is impossible without enough Candy. Don’t worry, Candy’s not too challenging to get, if you follow this strategy:

Find a place with a few Pokestops located close to each other on the map.
Set up a Lure Module for pokemon. It will attract monsters for half an hour.
Use Incense. It will make pokemon go straight towards you.
Move between these Pokestops and catch all the pokemon you see. You should catch them all without exception because weak monsters are even better for our plan.

This way you can create a little private field that will produce a fantastic number of pokemon for you to catch for half an hour. Some players say that the number of attracted pokemon is so large that you hardly have time pick them all up.

As I have already mentioned above, in order to boost the Trainer with the help of Pokemon Evolution you’ll need the weakest and the most common monsters. Their evolution costs the same number of XP but far less Candy is needed.

Found any inaccuracies in the article? Is there anything you can add? Or maybe you have invented your own way of winning in Pokemon GO? Welcome to the comments!

StarDrive 2

StarDrive 2 Release Date

StarDrive 2

Turn-based space strategy 4X StarDrive 2 will released on April 9. Now the developers from Zero Sum Games are working on a fix all kinds of bugs and preparing a sequel to the presentation at the exhibition GDC 2015 in March.

StarDrive 2 will offer players the space battles in real-time and turn-based land battles, great opportunities for customization ships with hundreds of different modules, tools of diplomacy and military expansion for expanding your own empire.

Gamespot StarDrive Review

Grey Goo game extended review

Grey Goo review

Grey Goo – it is a hypothetical scenario of synthetic end of the world – self-replicating Nan robots due to a fault or mutation out of control and process an entire planet. The creator of the term Eric Drexler explained it like this: “Despite the fact that the masses of uncontrolled replicators need not be either gray or goo, the term “gray goo” emphasizes that replicators able to obliterate life may not be as inspiring as the only kind of burdock. They may be “superior” in an evolutionary sense, but it does not necessarily make them valuable”.


Grey Goo game from Petroglyph Studios vividly reminded me of this statement. Not in the sense, of course, that this real-time strategy has some evolutionary superiority – on the contrary, it looks strange and unwieldy artifact of another era, a kind of dinosaur, suddenly materialized in the middle of the post-industrial landscape. It was more about: “Not as inspiring as the only kind of noodle” – alas, but we must admit that playing Grey Goo, a man a little enthusiastic and knowledgeable RTS genre, not much more interesting than watching as burdock grows.

The fact that this strategy offers a completely new gameplay that does not have any sort of benefits and outstanding features that would be isolated it from other games of the genre. Grey Goo describe communication with the player, you can: Here is an easy unit, he shoots, this is the tank, he keeps hitting and shoots a bit harder, that’s gun mounts, it shoots far and hurt, here is the installation of air defense, it will protect others from attacks air. Now, dear player, show me how you are able to collect these types of vehicles in a tremendous crowd and send the enemy.

Anything original, dammit! Honestly, it is impossible for even count how many times have we seen such variations on the theme of C & C. The fact that this is done at a time when such an issue now as it is not accepted, and even from people who formerly Samuel did a series of C & C (the backbone of the studio Petroglyph at its base is people from Westwood), and do not get tired us to be reminded – the situation does not change. Who cares to achievements, if ten years ago, when the former Soviet Union blossomed own how-to industry strategies that level right here annually produce beam.


Play Grey Goo as interesting as in his time in some sort of “Ancient Wars: Sparta,” “Alexander: Age of Heroes” or there Maelstrom. The level of play is about the same, and it is doubly disappointing, because all seven years ago Petroglyph released Universe at War: Earth Assault – strategy is not ideal, but interesting in the first place due to its uniqueness and identity. Alas, the failure MMORTS End of Nations seems crippled this company…

The scale of the failure becomes especially clear when you try to play a Grey Goo network. Already, it is practically impossible. The lobby is always empty. Search rank games, which took more than ten minutes? Yes, easily! Moreover, there is no guarantee that anything will be found. My personal record standby – 45 minutes on a Friday night … … two weeks after the release of the game … And this is not the limit – after 46 minutes I just disabled the further search.


If something is not clear, and with the Grey Goo, so it is surprising reaction to her loyal gaming press. It is solid “eight” and resume ala: «Grey Goo not disgrace the honor of the glorious series of C & C» – interested me in this game and made it possible to buy it. Alas, it remains only to ascertain amazing superficiality fellow journalists. Write this can be a game of Grey Goo four hours of commercials. As many almost got the game, she is able briefly hide their huge flaws, charming Player abundance of minor details. A little later, all mediocrity and banality game material becomes clear … – but, apparently, few critics have lasted until this very plays in close “later”.

Well, apparently these issues better to trust the players … and always empty network game lobby, not so long ago figured prominently in the bestseller, speak for themselves.