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Call of Duty 3 Review

Modern Warfare 3 have adrenaline and dynamic as MW2, but this time falling Eiffel Tower. However, is the way we love him.

Call of Duty 3


War never changes. Continued crowned series falls under this statement could not be better. It’s no secret that a high-tech blend of modern warfare grinder with Hollywood first category better Infinity Ward could not be anyone. About how the series has become so recognizable and selling brand, we wrote in one of the special materials, which, if you have still not done so, it is too late to read. So Modern Warfare 3 has turned out quite a logical continuation of the franchise. Same rail, insane, scripted, adrenaline and dynamic as MW2, but this time falling Eiffel Tower. However, is the way we love him.

A similar situation came out and the game itself. After all, the main claim to it – a ridiculous amount of innovation. However, here we have iron MW2 counterarguments. Call of Duty associated with us in the first place with the linearity and staged scenes. And the concept of an action movie script originated right here. Departure from these canons fans would perceive as a punch in the stomach. And the hand of developers Infinity Ward (and this time and two studios: Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software) on this stuffed considerably. That is why the concept evolving over the previous seven parts, almost decided not to change, but instead increase the already impressive concentration of action games.

New level of entertainment

As for entertainment, enliven banal shooting, they here about two times greater than it was before. During the passage we are waiting for a miniature tank, Juggernaut suit, underwater voyage to the mini- submarine and gunfire in a changing gravity of the incident plane. It is a pity that the company flies for some five to seven hours. Definitely want more.

Screenshots from game