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Video Cards in Windows 10 will be faster on 400%


According to the test results published on the website AnandTech, the performance of the current generation of video cards using DirectX 12 increased by 150% for NVIDIA and up to 400% – for AMD. Experts tested the demo site Star Swarm Tech Demo and got the following results: on the GeForce GTX 980 frames per second has increased from 26,7 to 66,8 (DirectX 11 and 12, respectively), while the Radeon R9 290X – from 8,3 to 49,2.

Site specialists note that DirectX 12 is very efficiently distributes the load across all processor cores, which in turn allows the graphics card will carry out its part of the calculations. In AnandTech already stated that DirectX 12 would be the breakthrough graphical interface for computers in the past few years.